The Team


Our presenter and face of the show

Kennagh is responsible in leading our team through each new episode, interviewing the experts and extracting the real truths behind the stories. Kennagh is also partial to a song, especially in the depths of the forest!


Expert Investigator

Aidan is well respected in the realm of mystical investigation, having led numerous teams in worldwide quests to solve the untold stories of legend and myth. We are delighted that he has joined the Folk Galore team and look forward to finding out what expertise are hidden beneath his Parka.


Expert in Folklore and Occult

An expert in all things mythical and lover of the occult, Sneha helps to make the illogical logical. Her wealth of knowledge in Folklore and legend are paramount to this team. She can also hear the snap of a twig 100m away.


Narrative Logistics Analyst

With a background in storytelling, Denise brings a narrative to the team, bringing these stories to life, with a keen eye for evidence and detail. A self-confessed lover of lists and a clipboard.