Series 1 Episode 1
50 years past, a full classroom of children vanished off all records. Only once our team digs a little further do we find out why. Join us as we collide holiday time folk lore with a chilling disappearance of the children the season was hoping to serve.

Series 1 Episode 2
The dictionary definition of an Alien is ‘someone who lives in a country of which they are not a legal citizen.’ In science fiction, Aliens come from another planet. Are little green men real? Join our team as they investigate sightings of UFOs and sign of life from beyond Earth.

Series 1 Episode 3
Who’s responsible for these crater like foot prints? Big foot? Yeti? Sasquatch? or just someone with really big feet? Follow our team as they travel to the wilds of America to see for themselves.

Series 1 Episode 4
Did sirens really use their enchanting voices to lure the sailors from the seas? Are they just mermaids with a dangerous seductive streak? Tune in as our team go ‘under the sea’!

Series 1 Episode 5
Were Banshees witches or fairy woman? Did the sighting of a Banshee really herald the death of a family member? Can anyone endure the screaming and wailing? Our team head to Ireland to find out more about these shrieking spIrits.

Series 1 Episode 1
Kennagh and the team investigate a mass disappearance of children at an abandoned school